Video/MP3 Downloader against Google Policy?


Is Video/MP3 Downloader against Google Policy?
I did some searching in google play and realized some of the downloaders are in the store for quite some time.
Anyone has any idea if I were to publish downloaders in google play store, will I get banned?

Thank You.

You will get banned.
If you’re lucky, your app can live for 2 months.


Thanks for your reply.
But why would I get banned for uploading video downloader to google play store?
Is it against google play policy?

Thank you.

If your downloader is only downloading videos you own the rights to, no problem, other peoples videos? problem

Yes. Your app must not abuse of any Google product such as Youtube or Blogger.

My MP3 downloader survived for 2 days, so it does not not worth

You will get banned. If you believe in your luck, just try.

Yea they started banning those, but they usually get many downloads.

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what? rated what appp?