Video interstitial as an exit app unit, still too annoying?

I am considering implementing video interstitial at the end of the app session. Playing video every once out of 5 times or so. Would this be too much annoying for the users. Looking for advice from anyone who has tried video interstitial’s before. I am specially interested in the user annoyance factor.

Trust me - they will be annoyed;) I also depends which type of app do you have… Which company are you using for delivering these ads? You want to show them when back is clicked or when home button?

I am considering millennial media as they have really good video campaigns. I was planning to use back button only.
What do you think of startapp’s exit app unit then? Do you think even that would end up being too annoying?

Do not use video at exit point no one interested to view that as they know they already loose that better use video in the certain level like after 5 level video ads is coming people will more interested to watch that video.

Even with video and not standard interstitial - app launch is still the best location to place your ad. In average, it gets you the highest eCPM.