Video Ads

Lets talk about Video Ad Networks.

Are there any good Video Ad Networks that has World Wide inventory?
Does the network pay per video view or Click of action? What kind of eCPM’s are you seeing?

Hi Jim,

No one specific video network will have world wide inventory. Some are strong in specific regions of the world. For instance AdColony and Vungle are typically strong in the US regions and some other select international GEOs. You should consider using mediation, specifically if your traffic is scattered around the globe. With AerServ mediation we support various top video ad networks, additionally the majority of our supported networks are via API/S2S so that means less SDKs to integrate.

Each network pays differently, for instance AdColony pays on CPCV while Vungle is typically on CPI. These are both performance based networks while AerServ is non performance and we pay on CPM (impressions) and serve all branded ads. You can easily test new networks or pause them on the fly without having to strip out the SDK and republish to Google Play.

Manage all your networks and reporting through our easy to use UI. Let me know if you’re interested in giving our platform a shot or if you’d like a demo.