Video Ads Network?

I am looking for video ad network for my game, I need rewarded videos and something with normal eCPM not same as Interstitial ads. So after a lot of research I narrowed my list to 3 ad networks.

Which one is the best? I’ve been wanting to try AppNext for a long time now I’ve heard nothing bad about them, AdColony they don’t seem trustworthy as some people got suspended apps because of them and their sample project is horrible but then again they pay per video watch not installs
And then there’s Vungle, they seem good overall, although they are CPI they seem to be doing fine unlike mC(0.51ecpm lolwat)
So which one do you recommend of these 3?

I had used adcolony video ads, it didn’t cause any problem to me.

As for recommendation, I would said any of the 3 is fine, Appnext is new to video ads compared to the other two.

You can also looked into admob mediation, unity ads and Chartboost.

Chartboost yeah I will look into that, I forgot about them lol, and as for AdColony they have no doubt the stupidest code.
But thanks

Hi Sab - Congrats on your game! Have you considered using Adscend Media’s Rewarded Video solution? Our publishers are seeing around $5 for every app that their users download. I would love to talk to you in more detail about this and help you get setup. Please feel free to message me back here or add me on Skype - ilyssa.adscend. Can’t wait to hear back from you soon.

Thanks, Ilyssa

Ilyssa Cohen
Adscend Media
Skype - ilyssa.adscend

Hi Sab,

AdBuddiz also provides rewarded video ads with good eCPM figures. The integration is simple and easy, one of the most straightforward in the market :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!


I have been trying adcolony, they gives ecpm of $0.2 and applovin with ecpm of $1.0. Thats really horrible. Admob ecpm is always zero. Inmobi ecpm is always zero, I have delivered like thousands impreaaiin to inmobi but have not got any single penny yet.

I am making more money by displaying banner ads rather than showing adcolony rewarded videos for same impression counts.

Use Applovin. ECPMS are higher and they have net 15 days payment!

Plenty of decent networks out there. Best thing would be pick one and go. You’ll never know which will perform for your app.

Clickky offers great solutions for app monetization with a range of formats to choose from including video ads that you were interested in. Once you signed up to the platform, you get access to your admin dashboard. There you can choose the ads format and get a code. We also offer SDK for Android, you can ask a manager in the live chat about it. You will be able to follow statistics in real time on the dashboard. You can check the today’s eCPM rates for the publishers for different geo and OS here. Depending on the country and OS the publishers may get from $3 to $18.

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