Video Ad Networks (CPCV)

I search for a good video ad network that pays at least 1 cent per completed video view.

Our expriences so far:

Chartboost: They pay between 1 and 3 cent per completed video and averaging $15ecpm. Sadly the adpool is so small that they only show ads in the first hour of a day.

Adcolony: Pay way below 1 cent and only averaging $1ecpm for us.

Oh if that is the case then u need to stack up video networks. If one network doesn’t have video to show, ask second one and so on. Ask for video from higher paying network and move on to lower paying. Can also fill the ad slot with interstitial if no video is available at all.

Thanks for letting me know about such a bad state of video networks.

Yeah, that’s what we do at the moment. But we don’t even know about other video networks that pay cpcv. The other networks only work with cpi. On iOS there is no problem at all. We see up to $30 video ecpm from cpi campaigns and huge ad pools at the same time. Android on the other side is a huge mess at the moment.

Hello @StevePof. Why don’t you considers surveys too along with videos which work in the exact same concept? You can keep the video networks you are already using and also show Pollfish survey when available which in the basic survey format they pay minimum $0.30 per completed survey.

Hey Guys,

If you’re looking to maximize fill rate and CPMs with video networks I’d suggest using a mediation platform. AerServ offers a top notch platform which supports various popular video networks such as: Vungle and Adcolony. By using multiple ad networks you can ensure your fill rate is maximized with increased revenue. Additionally we offer our AerMarket exchange which offers branded video ads all which are non performance based.

No one ad network provides high global fill rate, but by harnessing the power of mediation you’re able to use multiple networks resulting in higher CPMs and fill rate. PM me to learn more!


For any who are having problems with the above options: Unlockable ( is launching a pilot program for 3-4 mobile app developers to test video-based CPI campaigns this January, and we’re offering a high guaranteed eCPM to participants (much higher than anything posted here). Please let me know if you’re interested by reaching out to [email protected] and I can provide details.

Wait so this problem is only on android? Can you please tell me what average eCPM for completed view on IOS with Adcolony or Vungle for example?