Video Ad eCPM

hey guys,

What is the approximate ecpm we can get from video ads? A ballpark figure will be ok, i just want a rough idea…

Generally 2x ecpm than interstitial for me. There is skippable and unskippable videos. Which one you are asking?

Unskippable and Unrewarded videos which would last 45-60 seconds, preferably ad colony or vungle… Is it optimistic to expect it around 3-4?

It depends on geo, countries with slow internet connection might not get the chance to see much videos. If US/Europe, you can optimistically expect 3x ecpm, but real situation could vary from app to app.

Hi protonsavy,

You can safely expect to reach $3-$4 eCPM with a good traffic app. However, I wouldn’t recommend displaying unskippable non-rewarded video ads too often, as they can really annoy your users. If you think about it, 45-60 seconds is a long time, and you don’t want to lose any users because of ads.

At AdBuddiz, only our rewarded video ads are unskippable. Our non-rewarded video ads can be skipped after 5 seconds, which is enough time to hook the interest of the user. We have plenty of rewarded and non-rewarded video ads in our inventory.

Feel free to PM me or email [email protected] for more information :slight_smile: