Very sad ecpm for admob banner

Hello everyone,

i saw some topics talking about ecpm for admob, but didnt find really the solution.

My ecpm is very very very bad, i dont know whats the problem.

Look at my screen (for this week, but really similar for other weeks):


My refresh rate is 30 seconds for all my apps and my Default eCPM - USD ($) is 0.1$ for all my apps.

What i have to change to get a better ecpm?

Need help!!!


It might be that you’re making too many requests. Try reusing ad objects

My default eCPM is $1.50. I don’t know why people set it to $0.01

What do you mean by “reusing ad objects”?

Yes maybe its the good solution, it was the value by default, didnt know what value was the “best”.

Change your refresh rate to at least 60 seconds. I use 90 across my apps.

Your low fill rate of 93% suggests most of your users are in countries that don’t pay well.

Don`t use admob banners always banners perform with very bad eCPM but when you will use admob interstitials you will get high eCPM

How does that help you? I’m confused. :confused:

@gouci there are some good suggestions here from some of the others. Because of your CTR, I would also like to ask where the banner is within the app and how do you see the user interacting with it? What kind of app is it (i.e. content); does it make sense for the type of users your app attracts to be clicking on ads?

Which countries are the majority of your requests coming from? The reason I ask this is because the demand from the advertisers in the countries you’re receiving the majority of the requests from could be low, which means the campaigns can bring down their bids and still win your traffic.