Very low numbers with my app... why???


after almost one month since releasing my first android app I still get very low numbers.

In one month I had around 290 youtube views, which when it comes down to unique visitors i assume is around 150 views.
Approx 50 installs for the free version, around 60% still have the app installed.
As for the full version I got only 5 persons who spent money for it.

I tried posting on forums, social networks, contacting as many review sites as possible. What I got is only a single review which didn’t change anything. Everybody else never cared to reply to my app submissions.

I must be missing something, maybe my app sucks but what I do not understand is the number of views on youtube, the number of free version downloads and the number of sales seem to suggest people trying the app like it.

Assuming people tried the free version before buying the full version that means 70% of those who installed it are still using my app.

Also my app is out of the new apps listings so I’m sure I won’t get any other download.

I just do not understand how people can release an app and get visibility… can somebody help me or suggest me something?

Thank you!

Hi DrKappa,
I imagine you are talking about “Mad Marbles live wallpaper”.
I saw you app and it’s really nice. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately Google Play is very full of apps/games and it’s very difficult to get visibility.
Did you tried on other markets?
Here a list of alternative markets:

  • Amazon AppStore
  • SlideMe
  • GetJar
  • Appia
  • Samsung Apps
  • AppLibs
  • Nook Store

I don’t know if this will help you but anyway you should keep trying.
I think if you have time try to create another app and do cross promoting. Check in the list of more popular apps/games which one you’ll like to create and try to make it original. (Adding features)
I think it’s very important to read users comments because they tell you exactly where other apps/games are failing in term of functionalities.


Hi Gabriele!

Yes that’s my app. I’m glad you think it’s very nice! :slight_smile:

Usually when people try it they say it’s good that’s why I’m a little sad… I would be curious to see what numbers it could do if I could get a review on an huge blog or have more exposure in general.

Also the name is easy to remember, I mean mad marbles should be easy to remember for every english mothertongue.

Your suggestions are very interesting. I never tried other markets maybe I should give a try to them. Which ones do you suggest? Possibly some that doesn’t need a lot of extra work!

As for developing other apps I am thinking about that, I assume it won’t take so much time but I wonder if there is some link between app visibility and number of apps released…


The one that works better for me is SlideMe but I suggest to try all of them because even few downloads can make the difference :slight_smile:

I’ve got the same problem for 6 months now. I Just can’t get a good increase of downloads. My apps do grow in popularity but it is a very slow progress.

I Guess all you can do is think why you are developing apps. Are you in it for the money or do you just enjoy developing and making a fun app? If so the number of users should not matter too much. But I do get your frustration. Some terrible apps get so many downloads and yours just does not get off the ground. I think it’s mostly because the app market is overloaded by apps and it’s very hard to get visibility these days.

Thank you for sharing your experience Martin!

I have a job (as a programmer) paying my bills so I do not rely on app development for that.

But of course if people around knew and ejnoyed my app that would be an huge satisfaction. Of course if I can get extra money I won’t say no. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are 100% right about frustration also because in the end even if it’s not for money we do put passion in what we do and see a terrible app get many downloads is a little saddening.

I would like to ask a few questions:
1- is there a link between the number of apps i developed and the exposure i get on google play?
2- did sb try paying for a review on a famous site? Which were the results?

1 - nobody knows. Google’s raking algorithm is secret, but I do think that a new app published by a successful publisher will get higher ranking. (but that’s just my guess)
2 - There are a few people talking about paid reviews here on this forum, but I have not yet seen anyone posting that they actually paid for a review. Getting reviewed on a big blog will increase your downloads, but I could not give you any figures on how many. You can also pay for advertisements, there are several post here on this forum that discuss paid advertisement. Overall most paid advertisements did not gave a lot of new users, so if you have a small budget I think getting a review will be a better option.

I found many websites can make a review for approx 100$… some a little less some a little more. Maybe they are worth a try…

U said you have this problem but I see your apps have around 500-1000 installs my app after one month just 50. I do not know what to do now so I assume downloads will just stop. So alrady 500 installs are a lot for me!

Is there a website/forum/blog that helped you more? I had the best results on reddit for example.

Yes 500-1000 install’s now. But my apps are in the store from feb-2012.
The first months I was getting 0 - 2 downloads a day.
Now i’m getting about 10 - 15 new active installations a day, maybe about 20 installations.
So I did improve, but I also spend a lot of time promoting on forums and making updates.
Every update is a possible moment to get new users by writing about your updates.

I Also am lucky to have a blog that now has more than 1.500 views a month (not counting the crawlers) So that’s also a place where I can reach some potential new users.

But if you want a quick boost. I suggest to upload your app to It still has a new section and the first couple of day’s might give you some new users.

It’s hard work and can be very frustrating. You can take shortcuts by paying for reviews. But I do not know if the cost of those reviews will ever pay off to the income you will be recieving. But if you have some money to spare you could give it a go. Like I said, if I would have to choose between a review or pay for advertisements I would go for the review, just the fact that a review will stay on the internet and the advertisements will stop when the money is gone.

Hi guys,
I think you should try first to get review by bloggers or websites for free.
The only approach that really work for me are to get review by a popular websites or post it on Facebook group about Android.
I asked to few bloggers and while most of them just ignore me I had some reviews that help me a bit.
Check AndroidZoom:

My game get review by them for free.

I don’t think pay for a review is a good idea (at least for ad supported app/game).

You should post on all markets I suggested to you and eventually try to create a new app/game.
You will then cross promoting you previous app/game from the new one.


Thank you for yur replies.

As for reviews I am also not happy about paying but from what I read around paying for ads doesn’t make much sense.
Also I understand I will never get the review money back in installs but still I might want to try to “throw” away 100$ just to move things and see what happens.

Of course I’m thinking to do it once I have more apps released. Hopefully users landing on my google play app page will be interested in some of my other apps. That way, with 2-3 extra apps available, it might make sense to spend 100$ on a single review.

Martino: I am having a look at SlideMe it is very interesting. Since I have to make a few updates to my app I might upload the next version there.

Megasoft: when you speak about facebook group you mean the android facebook group with 900k users or there are some good groups when it comes down to app promotion?

As for androidzoom it also looks interesting, will try that!

Hi DrKappa,
you are talking about the Android page. You could do it there but it’s not going to give you a good benefit.
I’m talking to join to a group like this one:

and post your game asking for feedback. You need to involve people. :slight_smile:

The first 30 days of your app’s publishing to google play are the most important. Here you have a chance to rank in the top new apps categories and the effect can snowball your downloads. After 30 days all apps get delisted from the “top new” sections. So this is the best time to pay for a review or an ad-campaigns. See this post on another developers experiences trying to jump start his downloads:

I’ve paid for reviews from sites like and If you get a good review you can expect a few thousand downloads for a day or two, but it’s no silver bullet. I’d say they are worth it if your just releasing a new app and are within the 30day period.

I’ve tried ad-mob campaigns, spending as much as $350, these seem to preform the worst for me. I won’t waste my time with banner ad campaign again. Some places like offer ad campaigns where you pay for installs not clicks, these are much better. Most of them the lowest bid per install is around $0.20. Paying more per install will get you installs faster, but the lowest bid will still get you installs just not as fast.

With each new app you make your growing your potential to cross promote. So you may not ever get lots of installs with one app, but in time I believe it’s possible to grow your userbase. You may even make an unbelievable app like our hero Mind and get promoted in the play store. Or have an incredible idea for an app like David’s Iphone launcher and people will search your app out.

@Megasoft: thank you for the suggestion. I am also trying to explore twitter to see if I can get in touch with blogs and reviewers.

@XdebugX: with just one app I think it’s not worth to pay for a review yet but when releasing a new one to pay immediately for a review might be a good investment. I also read disappointing numbers with admob.

I think I have to keep trying contacting blogs and release something else soon.

I say be patient and hang in there… success - and money - won’t come overnight. Good luck!!!

Thank you for support siegfried!

I had an increase in downloads but still very low numbers… i am around 90 downloads. :frowning: