Very low income with android apps. Need Help!


I am an indie developer and i have about 7 to 8 apps in android app store but i am hardly earning any money. All advertising revenue has gone down and don’t even earn $1 per day… This is my profile Please help me with some tips. I have a LWP that works well and is liked by people but there is no way to monetize it… If there is any criticism related to my work… i can take it… I need desperate help…

fix your link, it is broken

Sorry… edited

For LWP, maybe interstitial/banner on the setting page.

Your Missile Range Test has a great icon, but the description is bad. You could change it and stuff it with keywords. Also, banners on screenshots and video look bad, you could make them without the banners. The game is old, maybe change it a bit (background, the rocket) and release as another game? Also you could add interstitials. What is your eCPM? How many impressions daily? Whats the session length? How many daily active users?