Very Low impression CTR problem - AdMob

I am new to the market and can’t get enough clicks to make my way through.I wonder if it’s something app related or it is something ad related or anything else? Do you have any experience on that?

My August report and game link is as below; an awfully terrible month.You can see my CTRs are below %1 , so low as %0.3.Is it normal or am I doing something wrong?

Any help ,thought or experience will be appreciated.


I tested your game. There is no way that the user will click your banner (at least you should make it appear horizontal centered). My suggestion is to take it down, leave the user interface cleaner, and show an interstitial on app launch, and maybe show another when the user fail 3 times, or between each X levels… Study your game’s statistics, how long they are playing, and sure you will find the best way to get income from it and any other you will have. It takes time, but after spending 2 weeks of testing ad networks, different ad locations, and annoying my users with so many updates, I could do x4 times more than before. I have CTR close to 30% out of 400k impressions a day, and I’m showing ad on app launch and on app exit, nothing more.

Hope it will help.

Thanks for the review, I’ll highly consider your advise.
I thought about taking the banner down however I hesitated conflicting with Google Play Developer Program Policies such as accidental click etc.Because game is controlled from bottom of the screen as you saw, some accidental click can occur.Maybe I am too coward, I don’t know.About interstitial ads; I use them between each level and a level takes about between 30secs-3 mins depending on users capability.As a matter of fact most of the clicks I received are from Interstitials and CTR is about %1,5 - %2.Average play time of the game is about 10 minutes.

I wonder how you can get %30 CTR just showing the ad on app launch and app exit, that’s amazing.


Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying anything related to accidental click, that really SUCKS and I blame anyone forcing that. I’m showing a splash screen meanwhile the ad is loading on app launch, so the user won’t miss click on it as it could appear in the moment when the user is already interacting with the app. If you noticed, is another type of gameplay, but the creator of Flappy Bird, now with the Swing Copter, is showing the banner only when the user lost, there are few seconds before the next try, and meanwhile he is showing the banner. Then if the user starts the next round, banner dissapears.

I’m using MobileCore, and before showing the interstitial also on app exit, CTR was a bit higher.

No, I don’t misunderstand you.I am a receptive person and I think we both have the same thoughts about as policy.I have seen so many apps that are builded only for forcing users to click on ad.I am not a kind of developer.I build a game for people to play, listen to music, relax and just have a good time.I do not want to bother them with so many annoying ads.Just a banner on top that never obstructs the game and game play, and interstitials that only shown in level passes.

However when I see reports not only in this forum but also others I can’t get myself thinking that if I am doing something wrong.Maybe my expectations were a bit higher but I don’t think that with only displaying ads this campaign will carry on.
Anyway I have 3 apps to be published soon.I just want to be sure that I won’t make same mistakes with these apps.My first game didn’t meet my expectations but I have learned a lot from it.

Thanks for your advice.

The best for you would be someone with experience on games to tell you how it will work the best. My suggestion, you can continue with banners, but if you show an interstitial on app launch, you will see a great difference.

Are exit admob interstitials safe with policy?

If you are showing ad before the app is finishing, why it wouldn’t be safe?