very low fillrate with Airpush

Earlier I was getting almost similar ad requests and pushes.

e.g for ~50,000 banner ad requests I got ~50,000 banner ad pushes.
but now for ~50,000 banner ad requests I am getting ~24,000 banner ad pushes.

This is severely damaging my revenue. Any ideas on what’s the issue?? Please help me out :frowning:

very low fillrate nd cpm for banners

This was already discussed here. The problem is on AirPush side. But since this is happening for more than 1 week then it’s mostly likely means that they lost a huge part of their advertisers and their business is going down. We haven’t received any clear explanation so far which clearly states our thoughts.

Phil.Airpush, Any input on when this is going to be resolved?

I dont believe there is something to be resolved on the technical side for any network. The reality is that the in app google play traffic isnt convert well for the advertisers to keep up investing. So fill rate %s and average ecpm will go way down.

for me yesterday 185 000 ad request 90 push impression since 1 week

Still no update on this? I have exactly 50% fillrate since 16th November. It was 99.9% before this date. I am thinking of leaving airpush because of this, but I don’t know who else should I use since admob disabled me… They should at least let us know what is going on.

Same issue here. Airpush’s banners fillrate ≈ 50%. Thinking about switching other network. Any recomendation for banners?

I recieved this mail today:

[i]Hi ,

The campaigns inventory for rich media banner ads are extremely low. This app is subscribed for inapp banner ads which is inclusive of richmedia banner ads as well. So that, it seems to be the fillrate is low from nov 16th. The situation may also change when the campaign inventory is sufficient to serve the ads.

Do let us know if you need any further help in this regard.

Airpush Support.[/i]

It looks like they don’t have enough advertisers, therefore I am looking for new banner ad network. Any ideas guys? Any recommendation will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Same issue here, looking for other banner network…

I have removed AirPush SDK from my apps (Sorry AirPush, your eCPM for banner is highest. I also like weekly payment). I will add it again when they fix following problems:

  • Intrusive adware (flagged by antivirus apps) must be removed
  • SDK callback listener must be called when an ad fails
  • Should support MoPub

Hi saad,

Are you still seeing low fillrates on your portal? We are having a reporting issue but we’re currently working on it to get correct stats updated on portal.

@Phil.Airpush, could you pls. just share the number of total advertisers/campaigns you have in total as of today (4th Dec.) No further details. Just the figure.