Very low fill rates on AdMob - what's the cause?


I’ve noticed, that I have very low fill rates for the past few weeks (please see the attached screenshot). The average fill rate for the last 30 days is 59%.

The apps use the newest AdMob SDK and everything is on default. I don’t run House Ads and I don’t have mediations set up. I also left the default refresh rate for banners and interstitials.

Does anyone know, what could be the cause? There are 5 apps in total on the account (simple games only) and each of them has between 20-50 DL/day. Based on what I’ve found on the web, could this be the reason for low fill rates?

What happened? Admob confirmed to me that they actively reduce the ad rate on your apps if the clickthrough rate of your app(s) is below the network average. That means: Only top apps get top ads.

So if your app is doing a clickthrough rate below the network average, Admob will reduce the delivery of good paid ads to your apps and the Admob SDK will return “didFailToReceiveAd” in your XCode project and your app fails to load ads.

That sucks big time.

I’d appreciate some help on this. Thanks.

Are these banners? Maybe the refresh rate is too frequent. I tend to use a 45 second refresh. YMMV

What is your CTR?

@kevinw: Banners and interstitials. The refresh rate is 60 seconds (default). However, I’ve added the “Ad Unit” column today, when viewing the results and the numbers are completely different - it looks like the fill rate is now almost normal (screenshot).

But If I remove the “Ad Unit” column, the numbers change again.

And the stats for the last 7 days:

@shuiwo: It varies much - for interstitials, it’s anywhere from 3 to 17% and for banners, from 1.8 to 3%.

Any ideas, what could be the reason?

Bump. Still the same - extremely low fill rates.

If you preload the ads that don’t show it counts as request and not impression. Your impression fill is close to 100, but request to impression is below 40.

Thanks, that’s interesting. What could be the reason for this?

My friend is a big media buyer on inapp admob ads, and he cannot do volume no matter what (meaning he can’t spend 10,000$ per day on buying advertising)

adwords reps told him that google did an algo change towards end of july, and that is what messed it up - big big time

@toxic: Could this be a programming error? Thanks.

@bluedot not sure what it is but its definitely on admob end

@toxic: Thanks. I’ll try to get an answer on the Google AdSense forum.

:cool: This mean Google doesn’t care about money anymore haha