Very low Admob RPM revenue from 4th july 2017

Hello all,
I noticed a remarkable decrease in admob RPM from 4th july 2017. I know it keeps on happening.

Just wanted to know if u guys noticed it too.

I’ve got a little drop, but not much.

I had given a update to my apps around this time.
So want to know if its irrelevant of that.

I’m having between 10 and 20% of revenue drop since the beginning of July. But as you said, till now it’s something normal

Seeing also a drop here.

Same here!

I’m having 20% of revenue drop since the beginning of July.

yes i have the same problem

Since yesterday it’s getting even worse than the beginning of the month. Hope it will improve…

Guys… remember me?
I’m back!

This time as the Director of Monetization at CallApp, a caller ID app:

Missed you all!

As for the question:
End of quarter always brings a drop in eCPM for most ad networks, with Admob and FAN taking the biggest hit. Also, it’s the low season now, so things are bad as it is.
I’ve been working closely with Facebook and Google now, as well as others.

Which fill rate? 5%?

Guess what?
Google Slides As Cost-Per-Click Tumbles | Zero Hedge

Today is the worst, what’s happening to AdMob ?