Very high CTR in admob

Is this CTR normal?
Can someone explain this?
if you don’t see the image click on it.

CTR Geographical statistics
Asia 0.27%
Europa 0.21%
América 0.69%
Desconocido 28.93%
África 0.24%
Oceanía 0.17%

Thanks very much.

The CTR of 28% is not normal. The others are normal, if not a bit low.
What does Desconocido mean?

I don’t know what Desconocido mean?

As many admob inquirers may have guessed - and as confirms - Descono… means “Unknown” in Spanish.

I’m surprised you don’t know what Descono… means (unless it is a new word introduced into the dictionary) - given your whole dashboard is in Spanish.

This is discussed here:

yes same here. admob is completely out of mind. with airpush, touchwood I am getting consistent ecpm of $1.5.
DesarrolloDroide I see your major traffic is from Asia and Europe and admob is paying you nuts. time to switch for you. What is your app?

My app is:
I’m spanish and I know what “Desconocido” means, but I don’t know why in “Desconocido” the CTR is high.

I took your question too literally - as in “hey guys, teach me Spanish”. Disculpe.

If the stats are for this app - that is very interesting - it means U.S. developers are 1/3 those in Europe and Asia ??

Anomalous Admob revenue figure

Today I found admob giving a 3x higher revenue for the day (partial day so far) - eCPM was 3x-4x higher etc. for one of the apps

Just checked again and it is 1/3 of that i.e. back to what one may expect so far for the day.

javaexp, isn’t very very interesting that you will always see Airpush eCPM hover at about $1.00- $1.50? Hmmmm I wonder why??? Seems very fishy to me. Also I’m not stunned by them only showing you “overall” fill rates ! Why don’t they break them down by geo??? Hmmmmmmmm Fishy Fishy Fish…