Very Good Japanese-English Dictionary

VTeam Japanese Dictionary is a dictionary with the main purpose is to provide Japanese learner with a quick and easy tool that helps them with their studies. The dictionary supports quick lookup feature: you can quickly jump to our application and lookup the word you like with just one simple tap on the on-screen-icon, this icon is always visible, either while you’re reading, browsing or just using any other application. All of our dictionaries must go through a thorough quality check before being delivered to the users, so they can easily find a high-quality dictionary that perfectly suits their needs. With VTeam Japanese Dictionary, you don’t need to use any other dictionaries.

Main features:

  • NO ads.
  • Offline word lookup
  • Multiple dictionaries lookup
  • Quick lookup by tapping the on-screen-icon
  • Supports English and Japanese pronunciation


  • Japanese - English (212,000 words)
  • English - Japanese (155,000 words)
  • Japanese - English samples sentences dictionary (150,000 sentences)
  • Japanese - Vietnamese (73,000 words)
  • Vietnamese - Japanese (55,000 words)

We’re about to release:

  • Japanese - Japanese dictionary
  • Japanese - English grammar dictionary
  • Japanese - Vienatmese samples sentences dictionary
  • Japanese - Vienatmese grammar dictionary

Download: Download here


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