Venturebeat Insight Reports?

Hey guys,

I’ve noticed that Venturebeat have this Insight page where they sell reports from their research, but they are extremely expensive (like $499 USD). I’m just wondering if anyone has purchased these reports before and if they are worth it?

Here’s the link to the page:

Mobile User Acquisition: How the most successful developers get better users for less money | Insight | VentureBeat


While I don’t know everything it covers I figure you can learn from other developers about what works. Mobile targeting and acquisition are covered in my talks with devs here

and here

Thats about $50 -$100 knowledge for free. Read it carefully and at least 2x , trust me you will miss something the 1st time around.

Hello everyone! My first post on this forum btw :))

So I’m interested in this matter too. Have anyone tried these reports yet?
Share your experience please.

too expensive