Using two banner and two interstitial ad unit ID's (AdMob) in one app?


I partnered up with a friend of mine, because we want to make bigger & better apps. Our profit sharing is 50/50, so we want to include my banner and interstitial ad unit ID’s and his banner and interstitial ad unit ID’s. That’s 4 ID’s in total.

I wonder:

  1. Is this allowed by AdMob? (I’m pretty sure it is, but I’d be happy if someone could confirm this)
  2. What is the best way to equally (as much as possible) distribute ad showing?

Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

  1. Yes
  2. using a random number generator (0 or 1 -> ID1 or ID2 in setAdUnitId) for large impressions will be 50/50
  1. dont know
  2. Better save boolean to preferences and change it everytime

Thank you guys for helping us solve this issue!

Hi, you can distribute equally every month based on the revenue you earned share=revenue/2. What is your problem with that?

Yeah I was going to say what @sree888 said too.
Unless you mean different IDs between different Admob accounts? Then I think you would have a problem.

@sree888: I’d need to add him to my AdSense/AdMob account, so he could view the earnings, and that’s not ideal (just sharing a screenshot of earnings is also not enough). I already have a portfolio of apps and websites and sharing all my private data is not necessary. We could basically use his account only, but I already have account managers at Google, so it’s better to push the already established business.

@A1ka1inE: Yes, I want to have different ID’s between different AdMob accounts. Basically, I remembered, that some of the online app makers do this as well. If you use a free version of their software, the end APK includes their and customers AdMob ID. Once you become a paid subscriber, their AdMob ID is removed from the end APK.

I got that but you can create a common admob account and use single ID… Why I am insisting this is because if you use 2 IDs then it is like tossing a coin and betting on heads or tails … This way you will never share income equally … After this your wish :slight_smile: … Best of “LUCK”

That’s a good idea, but we can’t implement it, because you’re allowed to have only one AdSense/AdMob account per person/company. I already have mine and he already has his. But we’ll be comparing earnings at end of month via Skype screen share or in person. We’re buddies, after all. :slight_smile: But when it comes to business, it’s best to formalize everything, so that friendships don’t go sour.

Just to be 100% sure, I asked AdMob, if we can use two different ad unit ID’s from two different accounts.

The answer is NO!

You can use two different ad unit ID’s from the same account. However, mixing ad units from different AdMob accounts in one app would be a violation of their policies.

I just wanted to make sure that none reading this is misinformed.