Using Pollfish with admob banner

hello guys ,

Is it allowed to use pollfish and admob banner ad in same activity. I know pollfish ok with It. but what about admob ?

Yes, you can use it.
I use it without any problems, just make sure the pollfish icon doesn’t overlay your banner.

of course, do it!

yes… In my case I show interstitial ad from Appodeal when no Pollfish surveys…

thank you.

Yes you can.

Hello @appname, I saw that post but decided not to jump in the discussion since it would be better for the community to answer rather from a person from Pollfish. But since you requested the official response yes Pollfish allows the use of surveys along with banner ads from AdMob in order to boost your current revenue and we had zero reports for any issue from admob side on that too so far so I do not think you should worry! If you have more questions or concerns please let me know I will be happy to help. :slight_smile:

thank you andreasv