Using my AdMob account with another android developer account

So, my developer account was suspended from Google Play a while ago. Now I have another one. My AdMob account was not banned. Is it OK to use my AdMob account to integrate some ads in my new apps with my new google play developer account? Or this is a good way to get my AdMob account suspended?

I wouldn’t do it, use different networks.

don’t do that. if you have a previously suspended admob or GP account don’t link them. most of the time both of them could get banned. google is very strict with duplicate accounts and they always find it. if i were you, i will use a different computer to use new accounts.

I am using different computers for new accounts.

Not worth it, IMO.

I’m using same admob account for like 10 google play accounts - works like a charm :slight_smile:

LOL =)))
Is it troll? Please give us the proofs.

I’m no kind of troll, neither I’m joking… apps in admob do not check namescape, just the app id…

So what are your apps?

@Didldak is it still working up until now? using 10 google accounts on 1 admob account? just checking… Thanks.

you can use many google accounts with 1 admob, because you can open multiple play store accounts.