Using multiple Ad networks

How are you using multiple ad networks? I currently have AdMob banner ads and I am thinking about using their builtin mediation. Are others using this or are they doing something different?

I am currently averaging $0.78 USD RPM over the last few months averaging about 200,000+ impressions a month. I would like to earn more, but I’m not sure where to start experimenting.

If you’re really getting $0.78 RPM with banners, I’d keep doing what you’re doing right now. There’s not much you can do to top that.

Thanks, I didn’t realize that $0.78 was that great compared to all the other ad networks being talked about and Admob being trashed every now and then.

I only have banner ads, but I was thinking about adding a pop up after a game has finished. nothing too much just one more ad.

a pop up (=interstitial) is a very good ad unit. I recommend using appnext of course, but you have sveral options to choose from. I also personally think it’s much less intrusive (of course it depends on how many times a user sees the ad). And much better performance than banners.

If you need to see examples of appnext interstitials, ping me in private.

In addition to the interstitials and other units like video, I hope you check mobimicro out as well. We showcase and connect your audience with actual products sold by merchants on a CPC basis. Website’s in my signature and feel free to msg me for more details.