Using In-App-Billing for User created content or alternatives.

Hello everyone,

at the moment I am creating a concept for an app, that I am planning to develop next year. A big part of this app is the ability for the user to create text, audio and video content and sell it in the platform for a very low price. When I understood the in-app-billing technology of google correctly, I have to know the product and have to create it manual in the back-end for google android developers. I need to create these items dynamically. Is there a possibility to use paypal instead or can I create in-app items using some kind of api?

best regards Andreas

In-app billing typically means that you charge your users. What you’re trying to do sounds like that users pay each other. So user A buys something from user B. You charge user A, the money is transferred to your Google Wallet (minus 30% transaction fee), and then what? How does the money get to user B?

Hi There, I’m not sure if this will help, but Lotaris in-appCommerce allows you to use PayPal as an in-app billing method. For more information, visit In-app Monetization Solution for developers | Lotaris or you can email [email protected].