Using Facebook in name/description ?


Since Google is on a banning spree these days (already got a warning for BTC donations :frowning: ), I have the following question:
Is it legal to use Facebook in the description or in the apps name ? Or will the almighty bot ban my ass forever ?
I see many apps that do this and I’m not sure why they didn’t get banned.

Since I got banned for a small BTC donation address and others are fine to this day I can’t afford to take any chances.

Since Google customer support is non-existent I’m really concerned by these issues. A few idiotic mistakes can take all your years of hard work :frowning:

I wonder if Google will ever be like Apple or Microsoft and offer some ‘human’ support and understanding when we have these issues.


Donot use it like for eg. “facebook memes” but use it like “memes for facebook”. you will be fine.However i cannot guaranty 100% immunity for your app against the google bot.

In description, you may write share it on the social network instead of mentioning Facebook, for 100% safe.

Well, I seemed to agree over here with the @Shulwo you can use the term social network instead of mentioning Facebook over here !

Using Facebook in descriptions is fine, nothing wrong with that - something like “Share the app on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+”. However, using Facebook in app title will get a publisher banned in no time.

Mentioning Facebook in description is somewhat redundant, and not useful. Since nothing is certain on Play Store, better avoid all trademarked words in both title and description, provided that you are not spam developer.