Using AppAnnie

Hello guys,

I have read in here that most developers use AppAnnie for useful analytics related to ranking etc.
My concern is that it seems they require your Google account details and I do not want to give them out like that. I guess there is no way but to give them so they can actually analyse our apps, but I was wondering if there is some other way.

Any ideas?

Good question :slight_smile: I used them b4 google ban my 1st acc for ad network - .- . now If i wanna add gp account to them I have to confirm acc by phone number …and this is why I cant add them again :frowning: If you know how to avoid this or you know something similaire to appannie without this proces give us a sign …

You can create a secondary account for your GP account (with not access to economical info) and give it to them.


Seems interesting I need to look into it, thanks.

You don’t share the password with them if thats your concern, its done through API like you would login to websites with FB account.

Unless, you don’t want to give them ANY data, then I don’t understand what you want to analyze without any data…

I thought I really need to share the password. If it is just something like Login with Google it is excellent, thanks!