Using adsense from admob account

Hi MMA veterans,

Well am a noob here having a noobish query regarding using adsense. please guide me in the right direction

Precap : I have created an admob account and using it to monetize my android apps since last three months. And i have some youtube videos of my app promotions and i have been monetizing the videos too .

Now my question is i have an adsense login with the same id too. I.e. i can login into adsense with the same id as admob account.

Now that i have created a blog(planning to create some niche sites and monetize them) and planning to monetize it , can i use the adsense account , create some ads and put into the blog?

Will google ban me for that? or what is the other way to use adsense on my blog (my future niche sites).

what happens to my admob account if google bans my adsense account for some reason(i have some $$$ pending for withdrawal next month)

Sorry for such a long list of queries.

please need your suggestion/guidance


I believe it’s perfectly fine to use your adsense account on your blog, even if you originally only signed up for adMob. Keep in mind though that if either admob or adsense used wrongly gets you banned you will lose current earnings for that month in both systems. It’s pretty much considered the same account now, so losing one loses both.