using admob in apps outside of google play

I was wondering if its ok to use admob banner/interstitial in an app posted to different markets such as mobango, samsung market, etc? anyone have experience with that?

I have one app like that. I’ve added it in old admob though. Not sure if it’s doable now in new admob - it imported with a question mark, but works.

I use new admob in samsung market, opera market and amazon and it’s ok (so far)

I don’t get the question. Why would it not work? Admob does not allow you to have ads on apps distributed outside of Google Play or what?

This is totally new to me, please tell me this is not true, otherwise I would wonder how i could keep my acc for 6 months xD

I have been using admob in games I published on different markets for 8 months now and there is no problem.

I haven’t tried admob outside Google play… Anyone using admob until now without problem?

I use admob in all markets. I only use other networks at apps not to be submitted in GP.