using admob and app in in google play ?


its ok if i use admob and the app not in google play ?

i am not planning to upload to google play .

is that ok ?

any one tried that ?


It should be Ok. I am doing it with a couple of apps and all is OK so far. But noone knows when Google might decide only apps in GP can have admob, and then we would have problems.

Yea it’s totally fine,
There is also some chance that your apk will be published outside of the gp so there is nothing to do about it.

On the other side if u do publish on gplay + 3rd party market and then u get ban on gplay then admob will not serve ads for the submission done on 3rd party market for same app. If u completely skip gplay submission then I think it should be OK. Btw, can we assume that these users downloading apps from 3rd party have gplay installed on their device?

Nope you cannot assume anything, there are Chinese 3rd party stores like coolapk that most of their users don’t have google play.

So how people monetize Ads from people in China? as most of them don’t have Google Play but most Ad networks seem to link to Google Play anyway

Perfectly fine, you do not need to link your apps, just add app manually. I have over 1000 admob apps on 3rd party stores only. I have maybe only 3 admob apps on Google Play and 3 so far for iOS.

Thank you guys !

i have one app that reject to submit to GP its ok with this ?