User Acquisition - Performance

Hi, I just would like to know your opinion guys.
38% of my store listing visitors installing my app. Is this statistic is good or bad?


I really want to know what is the average visitor/install. If too low, then I need to improve my store listing (screen shots, description, icon, promo video…etc).

i get around 30-35% on my apps.

Similar, thanks for sharing.

i get around 35% on my apps.

Same here 30-40%

Thank you so much!


I have 2 games on Google Play and both of them only %16 of my store listing visitors installing my games. Can you guys look at it and say what’s the wrong with store listing please?


Thats was good bro, I’d just got 28% install conversion

Maybe the visitor less interesting after saw your app screenshot, it’s too common game type, also the app size is 28MB, it’s rather big and could make visitor decide to not to install, unless your game has a uniqueness

I think screenshot are good for me