"User Acquisition" % in Google Play

For people who doesn’t know what this is, it’s the percentage of visitors in the google play page that install your app, like for example, if 10 people visit the page, and 2 decide to install the app, the percentage will be 20%.

Yesterday for my main app, the percentage was 28%, but a month ago the percentage was 20%, I updated the app and now the top reviews are much more positive.

What are your experiences with this, and what do you think influences more? From my experience, the top reviews and the promo image.

Yeah it’s influence more in app rankings my app with 2.5 million downloads has user acquisition of 40% and my app is in top position for some keywords for over 6 months…

hmmm my best one got 32-35% and is on top (ranks from 2 to 5 for principal keywords) . My worst app have 15% user acquisition and suck with rank too. Do anyone know how much can a video preview change the user acquisition ?

I have around 34% on all my apps.