US Tax Return from Amazon


I wonder, if anyone else has received 1042-S documents from Amazon? I got mine a few days ago and here’s an example: View image: Amazon

I’ve got a bunch of these (9 in total) and the total sum is about 350 USD. Do I need to file a tax return form if I live in EU? Some of my earnings were taxed 5%, some 30% and some were not taxed at all (probably EU sales).

If I need to file a tax return, is the 1040NR form the correct one? (Form 1040NR, U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return)

I asked Amazon as well and this was basically their reply: “You can use these documents to file a US tax return.”

Anyway, if someone can help, I’d appreciate it. :slight_smile:

You should be able to do the following:

  1. File a 1040-NR. BEWARE !!! Tax filing deadline is TONIGHT. Your return NEEDS to be postmarked by today, or you need to file for an extension!
  2. Claim/Deduct the USA paid taxes against your local taxes (assuming a double-taxation treaty agreement exists between the USA and your country and allows you to do so).


  1. Warning: I am not a lawyer. However I had to file a 1040-NR when I first moved to the USA.
  2. Also: you probably CANNOT use form 1040-NR-EZ (‘easy’ version).
  3. Find a tax person who has done this before. Even if they cost you $350, it is probably worth it. Next year, you can do it yourself.

Likely scenarios:

  1. Overwithholding (the US Treasury may send you a check)
  2. Underwithholding (you might need to post the US treasury a check)

Year 2014 form 1040-NR instructions:

@mind: Thanks a lot! It seems already missed my chance to claim the income tax return. :-/ I have no idea where and how to apply for an extension.

There is a treaty between US and Slovenia about avoiding double taxation. I didn’t reach my accountant yet, but I think that she lowers my taxes here by the percentage, that was taken in the US.

I’ll just forget that amount this year and do my best to prepare for the next year.

Thanks again.

If you have EIN or something similar (I don’t remember the name of the number - but you can get it with one phone call), Amazon will hold only the amount that is set for your country by the double taxation treaty (usually about 5-10%). Then you can just ignore those documents I suppose since IRS won’t give you a return anyway.

Yep, I have EIN number. So basically they took what is theirs (5% from sales that occurred in countries that have a tax treaty with US, 30% in countries where there is no tax treaty, and 0% in EU, since I’m based in EU) and just sent the statements? Seems reasonable. Maybe like you say, I can’t even ask for a tax return, because this belongs to them.

You can probably calculate that, but from what I’ve received it seems it’s exactly that - the witholded numbers are very low percentage of the revenue from Amazon I’ve received.