Urgent Help Required!

Hey folks,

I got myself stuck in the development of my new app. Need your guidance in the form of ways to handle the situation.

Below is the situation :

Q. We have a static mapping of analytics events to event codes in our app. How would you store and use them?

Any help would be appreciated.


Soo… you got stuck at storing a key-value pair? :slight_smile:
EDIT: Ok, you may want to check the docs:

Or, of course, your own server / Google Firebase etc.

Lol, oh no, storing key-value pairs are the basics, thats not what i meant to ask. (I might have phrased the question in a wrong way)

Is it an interview question? well the way I know of storing analytics data is having a analytics constants class with many static final strings of the analytics category/event and so on.

Never used a map for that and the analytics were always static.

Owh Thanks… I have faced The Same Problem… These answers are really helping me…