UpSights, an APP for website server monitoring.

Knowing more about your visitors can definitely help you with your business! Want to learn more about your visitors on your website? Here our team present you the most useful APP- #UpSights - to help you with all the information you need for your website!
Our report is super easy to understand! It includes:
:one:Page Views
You can know which page or product on your website is the most popular one so that you can have good handle on the future trends!
:two:Bounce rate
Is your website well-structured? Bounce rate can tell whether your website is well designed or not.
:three:Avg. Session Duration
Avg. Session Duration can show you how your visitor love to stay on your website browsing!
:four:Visitors Source
You can know where your visitors are from and which social media plays a big role on it.
:five:Visitors’ Nationality
Visitor’s nationality can help you to understand where your potential clients could be.
:six:Rush hour of websites
Knowing your websites’ rush hour can help you understand when is the best time to promote your products or ads!
#UpSights, an APP not only assist you to monitor your websites but also help you to know your website better! Download​:small_red_triangle_down::small_red_triangle_down: it for FREE now!

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How does your service compare to google analytics and what makes it better or more competitive?

These indicators can be monitored through Google tools. Can this tool track download speed and uptime?

If you want to track website performance indicators in automatic mode, then I recommend using HostTracker. This is an excellent service that contains all the necessary tools for monitoring. Convenient workspace for a webmaster and simple management.