Updated version goes not online on google play (only 1% updated) - why ?


i have updated one app in google play store yesterday.
About 2 hours later i got a message in google play (little icon on right top) that the update is online !
But now (already 14 hours later) i still can not see the new version live on play store page.

I logged in again in my developer console - there i can see new version number on main page and status “released”
when i go to “version management” and click on the new version i can see that the “update status” is only 1%

What does this mean ?

Did Google change something … does it take days now for a new version to be live ? Or whats wrong ?

When you roll out an update now, you have to choose the roll-out figure to existing users. Google sets it to 1% by default I think. It should be easy enough to go back to your released page and push it out to 100%?

how many active users has your app? it’s normal for bigger apps as default

Thanks for your help ! This worked - i did set it to 100% - now new version is live !