Updated AdMob guideline for placing Interstitials on App Load


They added a more clear example of what is allowed and what isn’t allowed.
So it looks like it’s possible to use AdMob on App launch… even I am not 100% sure what they mean with the “App Loading” image (how does it compare to the Home Screen of the App).
Anyway a splash screen with a loading massage followed by the interstitial should be ok.

Maybe they noticed they losing a lot of money not allowing Ads on App Launch?

Nope, you should not place interstitial ad on home page even after showing a splash screen. They are against it.
If you’re referring that gif image (first one), it’s in the RED color i.e. it is wrong. I think guidelines are quite clear from images.

The new images seems clear to me too (but from them I understand the opposite of what you stated honestly)

Not allowed


Oops…Indeed, I was talking about another image. Yeah, I see, now they are allowing interstitial after loading.:slight_smile:

  1. It will be useful only for those apps that actually fetch data from server or load various static data like games etc and have enough time to pre load the ads also.
  2. Just using a splash screen about brand etc will be bad I think.

This is great news!

The only thing I do not understand is why AdMob does not make this official and notify developers by email about changes like this.

After reading through those interstitial policies I took a few things out of it:

If you’re going to put interstitials on app launch, the steps to do so are:

  1. Load the app
  2. Load splash screen with text “Loading…”
  3. Load/Show the ad
  4. Load main content

if main content loads before interstitial, thats against policy.
if interstitial shows on top of main content at random times, thats against policy as well.

can anyone confirm I am correct?

Eh can’t be bothered with this, too much job to do. AdMob is not as good as it used to be. I don’t get it why are they still acting like publishers depend on them and not otherwise…
I’ll stick with ad network that actually cares about people who make them money, and does not threat them like a burden/problem.

Besides, that link/image doesn’t explain anything, it’s still too confusing. My ads were after splash screen and still got suspended, so wtf?

In my case I am using a ProgressDialog to allow Ads to finish loading (and show the “Loading” message as required by AdMob).
Only concern is that behind the ProgressDialog you can actually already see the App UI main content… so I am not 100% sure if this way is ok or not.

As much as I agree with you, any other Network I tried doesn’t even come close to AdMob ecpm (at least in the specific case of my Apps) so if now it’s allowed I am willing to spend some time on it.

Use other ads for app launch, problem solved. I don’t know why you guys must use admob on app launch.

The reason it’s kind of simple (in my case at least, for sure other kind of Apps/Games will have different results). AdMob gives me something like 4-5$ eCPM while other networks I tried I could get 2$ at most (StartApp) or less (0.7-0.9$ with AdBuddiz, MobileCore, HeyZap, Avocarrot)

Great news! But… a bit scary to test it when AdMob banned an ad unit some months ago for the “not allowed” launch. Are you going to try it?

AdMob has strongest eCPMs and almost 100% filtrate. Always.

As soon as you guys start sending any decent traffic, like 1m impressions per day, maybe then you will realize that your fly-by-night weekly payment network doesn’t even come close to admobs reach.

Networks like appodeal also depend on admob, so to use them, you need to abide by admob rules.

Thats a bit of a gray area I would say.

I would listen to “dismiss” event by admob sdk, and then launch main content after that event happened.

It really depends on the ad format you used. If it is banner, no doubt admob has the strongest eCPM. But if it is interstitial, there are a few competitors that can even outperform admob in my case. Anyway, some other ad networks tend to fluctuate much on the eCPM, admob is more stable compared to them.

may I ask what kind of app it is?
I get max 0.7EUR, today e.g. 0.4
do you use filters (categories)? or floor ecpm?

In my experience, the launch process of apps can behave differently from device to device and from Android version to version. Its for that reason that I removed all Admob ads from the launch section.

Like @shuiwo said, you can just use other networks in that spot anyway.

what works best for you in tier1 countries besides AdMob? looking for ppc networks of course.

exactly i like startapp or mobilecore. Then use admob on other screens like level changes, etc. My ecpm doubled since removing from applaunch from $2.57 ecpm range to $5.00+ ecpm range for interstitals, you can still have the banner on the main app launch.

If doing live wallpapers, make a settings button on main screen that opens the ad on lwp settings page. You can also throw in some native ads as well.

Admob are the only PPC network I use sorry. I fill my other spaces with mobileCore/StartApp.