Updated 2015 - The steps needed to create new Google play after termination

I read some threads about creating new Google play account after termination - I want to write here the process i read and please fix me what needed more if needed

Need to create:
1- another pc
2- another bank account
3- another Google play account
4 - another Gmail
5 - another admob account
6 - another name of package (or maybe better another game/app source code)
7 - another mobile phone
8 - another ip address
9 - another credit card
10 - another recovery mail
11- another isp internet provider?

Thanks for all for help users to make new life…
Please tell me if I forgot something or if I wrote steps that not needed to be done (only if you are 100% sure that it not needed)

To be honest with you, I wouldnt bother. In the last 6 months Google/Admob have made it so unappealing to list apps that its hardly worth the effort. From seemingly random bannings to strict ‘rules’, Google want us to jump through hoops, create content for free, and then our reward is pennies a day. I have been slowly moving over to iOS where revenue is still stable and Apple is now LESS picky than Google.

Exactly… I’m moving to WP now…

I tried WP last year but not much success. However, they are desperate for apps and so are the users - perhaps its time to dust off visual Studio again :).


That’s about right. You won’t need another ISP - a private proxy is enough. You also want to make sure you’re not using the same title/description.

Just out of curiosity, why did your account get terminated? What did your app do?

my apps banned for something stupid… i link from my apps to youtube video - thats all, google never wrote that it prohibited, but now i know it prohibited… only if the video is yours…(even this i dot sure) i had 5 gp acounts 3 banned 2 not. the admob stay live. they banned before 4-6 month.

You can create new accounts with the same pc (I created more than 10 with mine, all working) and the same bank account. But you will need a new credit card.

Its not work
My friend had 15 separted acounts and have 15 credit cards of his family/friends and one day all banned.
I suggest you dont risk all of your GP acounts. be more secure.

Just new credit card, IP and new email. Nothing more nothing less.

All using same PC & IP? Any idea how all are linked?

Probably published same apps from a previously banned account.

Yes - that was the problem he use same pc, same IP
He earn 250$ per day and one day ALL gone!

How did it get banned, please introduce that person to us. Hope we will learn by his mistakes & his technique to keep multiple accounts _/_

Maybe they know by the same Chrome browser, frequently login location and DNS. Yahoo and Google will prompt/inform you when you login from another new location or new browser.