Update: Testing Instagram method + reviews of companies I have used for app promo

So originally, I said I would test a method that involves using instagram and boostgram (automates instagram pic uploading and liking/commenting) to get app installs after trying shoutcart’s service and not getting any results.

Original Post:

Well with boostgram, I got about 300 new followers who clicked on the app link 40 times. I dont think this method works as a short term way to lots of downloads. It may work if you put in lots of time to gain a following (6 months+). But it’s also $100 a month so thats pretty pricey for about 70 clicks total.

I also said I was going to rate other services I have used to here goes:

Ayet - They are very good for low install amounts (~1300 USA total in 1 week) and worldwide (havnt tried but I imagine you get lots of installs from small countries). They have live reporting so you can see how many times your app has been downloaded. This is very useful (and fun!), especially since the downloads start coming in almost instantly if you choose a country like USA. Also have 3-day retention so that users cant automatically uninstall your app. Past campaigns have shown that some people even keep it past 7 days.

Social Rank Boost - Great for large installs campaigns from english speaking countries (Usa, Canada, UK, etc…).One of their negatives is that they take 15 day + to start your campaign, so you have to order beforehand. Their prices are a little high for small amounts so I would only recommend if you need lots of installs. I have used them 3 times so far and each time resulted in getting my app ranked for it’s category for Top Free and Top New Free, and one time reached top 300 for all applications which got me lots of extra installations. Also, they don’t give you real time reporting so you have to go in chat or email and ask them the status of your order. Their custoemr service rep is very nice and useful, but they need to add that because I like watching the numbers grow.

Waypedia They are similar to Ayet, they have a nice amount of users from countries like USA, Vietnam, Spain, and Mexico. They also have tracking for your app campaigns so that’s always nice. They do have a service called Waypedia X that offers large amounts of installs but they run at 0.26 per for no retention and higher for 3 day retention. I think they also offer iOS installs but I never used them for that so I’m not 100% sure.

In House Campaigns This one is very simple. Just find apps in your niche that are fairly popular (100,000 installs + for small niches and 500,000+ for large ones) and approach the dev to include your ad in their game for 30 days at a set rate. So you offer them $400-$1000 to include your ad for 30 days. This works very well if you choose an app thet gets sudden popularity and you end up getting lots more users for a low price.

So there you have it. Thats my experience with these companies, hope it helps you decide which one to work with.

Thanks for the post , which package did you choose for “social rank boost” , I’m stuck between ayet and social rank boost… srb is expensive even compated to the high retention option in ayet…

Thanks for your detailed report man.

ayet-studios can deliver 13k installs in one week worldwide, so it is pretty good IMO
the country distribution can also be found here: ayeT-Studios: Services

for a quick burst I recommend app2top.org as it can deliver up to 9.7k installs in one day with 3 days retention at the cost of $0.10

I am interested in Social Rank Boost, how fast can it deliver downloads? And what is the country distribution? Are the downloaders real users who can open the App? I checked their site but I see if I buy 10k downloads, the cost is 0.23 per install - pretty high.
The lack of live reporting also gives me some insecurity too.

Thanks for your reports guys.

I just checked out ayet website and what might be interesting for you is that they currently run a promotion with 25% discount on worldwide campaigns. So this makes normal retention less than $0.07 and high-retention about $0.11. You just have to log-in to the dashboard and you’ll see a special offer there!

so great!:cool:

Thank you for reviewing our service! I am glad that our services helped boost your app’s rankings. We are here to help our clients succeed. Sorry for the queue delays, they are caused by the holidays orders that we received.

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how well did the incentivized campaign drive installs for you??