Update Rate vs New Admob

Anyone else having trouble getting legacy admob apps updated? Many users are just not updating, so I still got a lot of legacy-requests. Indeed it is really a lot, even with apps, which are released exclusivly on gplay.

I also noticed (by reading forums, comments etc), that a lot of users are recognizing that a lot of apps are updated currently and stop working - that may be a reason, why users eventually do not update apps currently. Just a tought of mine, many users are compleining about that.

I really hope, that admob keeps delivering ads to legacy created versions (I mean legacy sdk). Can someone expect, when admob currently is showing the requests in new admob, that those will be working after aug. as well?

This is the email admob send to me:

Dear AdMob Developer,

Thank you for upgrading to the new AdMob. Remember, with your new account you now have access to:

Earn more. AdMob developers have seen a 15%-20% increase in revenue on average using ad network optimization, which ensures you show the highest value ads in your app from your mediated ad networks.
Know more. Get free insights into the performance of your apps with Google Analytics, now available directly in the new AdMob.
Control more. New and improved ad filters give you more control so you can refine categories and even individual ads that appear in your apps.

Legacy AdMob will be shutting down on 31 August 2014. This means that on 31 August, you will no longer be able to use legacy AdMob to promote and monetise your apps. Specifically, please be aware of the following:

[b]Ads will stop serving to legacy ad units that are not migrated.[/b]
House ad campaigns will stop serving.
You will not be able to access the legacy AdMob UI after 31 August 2014.

For full details, please read our Help Center article.

Your continued feedback is important to us. Many thanks for your support as we continue to improve our product.


The Google AdMob Team

Ads will stop serving to legacy ad units that are not migrated. means Admob ONLY stop serv ads to legacy ad units if you not update to new Admob (server side), So these legacy ad units still work on old SDK.
Once more thing that Google will not stop ads with old SDK is they will lose more money than us. :slight_smile:

@hackformore good point - I hope it will be like that :slight_smile:

Also around ~4% are still android 2.2 - which is not compatible with new admob sdk … those devices mostly received no further update (older samsung devices, I also have one of those for testing). 4% is not much … but it’s also not very few. Acutally I have far more 2.2 installs than 2.3 installs.

@reiti.net Time to bring them to museum. I have a Galaxy Spica too but it brick now after 5 years running.
It not more than 0.5% of total install (at least with my app), and they too old to run smoothly, i mean 2d game

my admob don’t show me legacy requests and new requests. i saw on documentation that there must be some stats on ad units but on mine there is nothing. and there is no way to figure out exactly what percentage of users use old and new ad units…

my games are pretty optimized … I also test them on this old Samsung phone - they are actually performing not that bad in 2D … also I have fun in over-optimizing my games :smiley: I did use some sophisticated stuff sometimes. whatever … for me it’s 4%

I miported the legacy admob data into new admob and created new ad units for the updated apps - that way I can clearly see how much of the “old” ads are running… legacy admob website shows nothing any more, it’s displayed on new admob site.

Its opposite for me.

Today onky i upgraded to new admob and i can still se everything updated in old admob. but cannot see anything on new admob.

i can see all the apps listed in new admob. but no revenue update.

kindly suggest how to fix this.

don’t ask me, I am just happy that it works … I still haven’t managed to get any house ads displayed at all :slight_smile: