Update airpush june payment

s there someone who receives payment airpush?

No june payment and no weekly =\

What do you mean?

Trash It__Trash It__Trash It__Trash It

I look on dashboard procces at 15 august this time?

Trash It__Trash It__Trash It

Last month i am receiveid payment airpush on friday?

Yes But Today Is 15 August 2014. All Ads Networks Are Delay 2 Or 3 Or 10. its not big issue.

So Wait n Watch

i just got my airpush payment :smiley: , Cheers guys ! Hope you get it too soon !

I got my airpush payment too…

Sorry for the delay everybody. Net 45 Payments have already been sent out. PM me with any questions.


All Weekly Payments from Airpush will be Issued on Monday the 18th. They have a slight delay. So most will have it cleared in their banks on Tuesday.