[Up4Review] Get Your App Reviewed and Published for Free

Hi folks!

We’ve just launched a new app review site www.up4review.com and need your apps to grow!

Our reviews are honest, in-depth and free of charge. We are not overly picky and basically review all kinds of apps.

The submited apps and games all go in a queue. You can keep track of your item on www.up4review.com/upcoming-reviews and give it a boost by sharing the referral link you receive by e-mail. Every time a user clicks on the link, the score of your request will go up by one. Frequently clicked items will thus rise to the top of the queue, and be reviewed earlier.

Our team of experienced reviewers is looking forward to cover cool new android apps.

Feel free to submit your apps to our site!

Best regards,
Up4Review team


Great. Just submitted my app.

Thanks! We’ve just approved your request.

I have submitted my File Explorer - manager app right now!!

whats its link for download


By the way, when you click on the apps listed on Upcoming Reviews | Up4Review, a popup will show up, containing the download link.

So, the first few of your apps have been reviewed and can be found on our site.

We are (always) open to new requests!

I just submitted my app to your website: All-In-One Toolbox: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=imoblife.toolbox.full


I submitted my app. Thank you guys for this. :slight_smile:

We have reviewed your game and published the review on our site. I’m sorry for the bad rating, but our reviewer isn’t a big fan of Flappy Bird and its clones.

Hi, just submitted my app for review.

Hope to hear soon from you.

Great stuff.

I’ve just submitted my new app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.widesky.greetings

I have just submitted my app. Since it is my first app a sincere review will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

It seems that you have changed your app icon. Would you like us to update it on the review page?

Of course. I’ve just realised the great importance of the icon. [emoji1]

We have renewed the concept a bit and introduced the possibility of buying points in order to get a faster review by moving up the queue. In addition to that, you can make use of a referral system to earn points.

I see apps submitted in 2015 Nov still on the queue,
seems your app cannot get reviewed without pay or referral to your friends who pay

You’re certainly right. The queue is getting longer and longer but our resources are limited at the same time.
It would certainly help if you could make some payment to get your app in front of the others.
Unfortunately, our resources are limited and we cannot afford reviewing dozens of apps any week.
We would thus be really grateful for your contribution.

We still get a lot of new app submission, while only two of our submitters have purchased points so far. As a result, our list of upcoming reviews gets longer and longer…

I’m interested to know your reasons. Do you think the minimum amount of $ 10 is too high or are you against paying for expedited reviews in general?

sorry to say it but from a developer point of view, I think it’s not quite worth $10

I guess your whole site has 10k monthly visitors or so, but there are Fiverr gigs offering promotion on Blogs with several thousands daily visitors at $5…

a simple math is that, to make the $10 worth it, we need to obtain 10+ organic installs from your page per month (given that we may easily obtain organic downloads at 0.5 usd per install from other campaigns like Appbrain or App2top), I personally doubt if I can obtain 10+ installs from your website per month (with 1% click through rate and 25% conversion rate esimate…)

also, we developer typically submit to 100+ review sites and they won’t care if their Apps are published on one less site.