Unpublish Existing App and Re-publish it as Another New App...?

I acquired an app from another publisher, it has been transferred to my account, now I want to delete this app and publish it as a new app, in order to enjoy the grace 30 days period for new app. But…

  1. Is it possible to delete published app from google play?
  2. If I just unpublish the existing app and then re-publish it as another new app, would Google prohibit this and ban my account?


Anyone know?

why did you transfer it to your account in the first place , you should had make the seller unpublished it and you published it on your account !

What is the difference? I can also unpublish it now…

Option 1:

  1. Seller unpublishes app
  2. Seller transfers/sells app source code to you
  3. You change app package name and reskin some graphics, icon, etc
  4. You publish the app

Of course, Google may think this is you ripping off the app and ban your account, since they don’t know about the sale… not sure what to do about that!

Option2: what you did already…

But I unpublish the existing game first, then submit a new one, not spamming the same app…