Unpublish a game, will it still making money on adMob from earlier installs?


I’d like to unpublish a game and republish a better version under a different name. Now I was wondering will I still get the money on adMob from earlier installs as I assume that the game will still be visible on adMob?

Also I was wondering why this game is making more money than some of my similar more dowloaded games. Sometimes I see my game appearing on sites like 1mobile, without having it published there. Do these sites maybe link my game to google play? And if that is the case, can I see those downloads in the statistics on google Play?


Yes u will still earn … Till the user has installed ur games or apps

You can get money as long as ad is displayed and users engaged with the ad (click, install), whether the game is published or even not published at all.

Oke thanks for your reactions :slight_smile:

u will still receive earning. But admob has a mechansim that they will sweep the ad if the app has been REMOVED by app store (if you violate TOS).