Unlimited facebook promotion to millions of people .using this facebook tool

For those of you who already do promotion or ask for review exchange on facebook via posting on groups,you already know how tough the task is ,doing it manually. I am selling a tool on this website Mass Advertising Tools . It lets you post on facebook groups in one click,you can search various groups such as android,xperia,song,lg,samsung ,etc and join thousands of them, and tell people about your app. Using this tool,you can also bump your posts and do a lot of things. The full list of features is given on Mass Advertising Tools

For those of you who don’t know how you can use facebook to get downloads for your app. Well you have already heard of facebook advertising. There you spend money on your target audience to get a limited number of ad impressions,this tool is almost the same,except here you target people on the groups they have liked.
You search for relevant groups using the tool,you join those groups(the tool lets you add all the groups in the results) and then you can post in those groups in one click.

Here is skype of my cousin who can help you out.
Mass Advertising Tools
Price is 89$
After you purchase,i can give you tips on what kind of posts to make and how to get the maximum attention.
The best way to get attention is by posting pretty images.
You can find free psds everywhere for it on google
I can also give you my personal list of groups.

So you bought it for $20 and selling it for $89 Nice Marketing [emoji6]

No , did you buy it for 20? From where?my profit is only 25$

why so many haters here and in the previous thread ?

You just have to ignore them.
Actually there are two kinds of people. One who are progressive,they get inspired by others and want to achieve what others have,and go far beyond.
Others,who are good for nothing,who just want to drag others down to their own level,so that they can feel better about themselves.
The kind of person you are determines your future.
The good part is ,a person can easily change their thoughts.

when i post my game in Facebook it take me more then 10 hours a week so if this tool can save me that time and i will use it for more then 1 week it worth the try and i bet they know it

Obviously it will,but it will also depend on what kind of output you want from the bot.
I use the pot,posting every 10 seconds(you can change the duration in the bot) . The post starts failing after around 100 posts due to captcha thing which facebook does.
So after some time,I have to stop for 1-2hrs and then restart. But if the duration is set for a long time,captcha thing doesn’t appear. But obviously the number of posts,posted in a certain time decreases.
So it depends on you,do you want the high number or do you want to start it once and neglect it.

Is there a way to GEO target traffic, or you can only target by group?

Only target by group…but there are groups only for specific countries like one plus one france etc etc

Come on, I need you on skype! I want to buy it but your paypal don’t work. Always getting “wrong password” information, so I decided to change my password. Its working everywhere but not on your site. Keylogger phishing? :expressionless: lol

Yes I don’t know what the problem is, do you think business/personal account has something to do with it?
By the way,please contact my cousin at the skype i mentioned,he will accept the payment manually.

I added him to skype but still no accept :wink: so he is probably offline. I don’t know if personal account have something to do with it, I have premier account.

Oh,its 2 am here,he might be sleeping.
I don’t know much about the keys and stuff or else I would have done it.

did you add him ?

if no,give me your skype,i will add you or my cousin will

Sounds to be interesting but I am concerned about its legality. Technology and social media giants like Facebook and Google operates under very strict rules and regulations. In case of getting caught you can lose all your hard earned reputation as well as the $89. Getting banned only once can end up in a disaster.

It might be against fb’s policy but being against policy of an organisation doesn’t mean it’s illegal.
Besides I have been banned by facebook because of excessive posting on fb groups and i had to remove “facebook” name from the software and that’s about it. They weren’t concerned about the bot , they just had a problem with it’s name


  1. Firstly, it’s little reskined:
    Facebook Poster & Scheduler - Facebook Message Sending - Schedule Posts | NTWeb.Org for $39, not $89 and this ntweb tool haven’t machine limitation so you can use it on every machine when you transfer licence key but spaming from one machine is some nonsense :expressionless:

  2. I got ban on my 6 facebook account when I set
    -join to group every 3-5 minutes, it’s very long

  3. Seller of this tool told me:
    -that I NEED TO USE MY PERSONAL FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and type my login and password in some suspicious tool! (ruin your social or wait 2 months oO, he just told me "disable notifications). And all fresh accounts needs some 2 months to be legit! It’s just crazy, why the ****in NinjaBlaster for $9 works with fresh accounts?
    -he told me no refunds because it’s not working like this :wink:
    *even he have fckin licence server and just can block my licence code

  4. I opened dispute on paypal but it’s digital product, so he have more rights now but I can tell truth: this tool is useless, annoying, limited to machine and just expensive copy of another stuff…


Firstly ,

  1. I have already told people before buying that I even got banned using this tool(I have attached screenshot) because this tool doesn’t allow to do things which can’t be done with facebook. Facebook
    bans you (even if you don’t use the bot ) if you post on groups with new accounts. We are not hacking facebook .

You can’t post on groups with new accounts, it’s not just this bot but it’s because facebook doesn’t allow it
2) The buyer never tried contacting us before filing a dispute. Then we asked the reason,he was telling all sorts of reasons and then ultimately started blackmailing saying he found a cheaper tool than this one
3) Then he blackmailed us that if you don’t return the money , he will use his reputation to bring me down on this forum.
4) I have returned JackM of this forum,3500$ ,and I was selling him a virtual product too. It’s not about 89$,but the way he tried to get his money back when he found a cheaper source and then blackmailed me.
5) If you think intelligently ,tell me this guys, why the fcuk would he buy my software if Ninja blaster works for 9$ and allows him to post via new accounts ?

Here is the proof of me telling everything honestly to my customers who approach me .
Screenshot 2015-08-26 20.56.13.jpg

And here is the screenshot of me giving JackM his money back.

All I have to say is this, don’t judge anyone just because he made a cry out of it first.
It’s one thing to not buy my product , but it’s another thing to start making judgments.
Even in this thread,I have honestly told people I have been banned from facebook due to this bot.

If you guys want, I can post screenshots of him blackmailing my cousin on skype.

I agree with you! No matter what tool you use, if you use it incorrectly, you will be banned by fb.