University of Michigan Flu Outbreak...Product of the jab?

A Massive University of Michigan Flu Outbreak Has Prompted a CDC Investigation…article​

The University of Michigan requires that you take the jab…if you want to attend. Now they are looking for an excuse. The Jab effects your immune system and now the flu is running rampet.

But then again the fact checkers will deny this.

I saw that. It is …flu>>> Last winter there “was no flu”

I am genuinely amused by the fact that such attention to disease only emerged after the start of the Covid era. Why does no one ever take into account the fact that seasonal influenza outbreaks have always existed? Yes, perhaps they didn’t always demonstrate the same strength and distribution, but people ALWAYS get sick. People get sick when they stay outdoors for a long time, don’t wear hats, and dress out of season. The vaccine will not affect such obvious patterns of disease spread. The only thing that makes me really sad is the raised quarantine scurry. It’s like no country in the world can organize it in a way that really helps. The effect is negative both on health and on the quality of knowledge. Although that’s who feels good in such an era, so it’s private tutors. Since the spread of Covid, my son’s math teacher 私人補習 earns better than me…