Hey Guys,

I’m a long time reader of this forum but this is the first time I would like to come forward and share with you guys.

I have found a way to monetize on my uninstalls traffic at the moment they leave.

Would like to share it here but it requires exposing a company name (Like a network) and I don’t want it to be considered as if I’m advertising them or violating any forum rules.

Please let me know it’s ok to go ahead and share.

Thank you,

fredbaker talks about appjolt. Not sure if it meets GP policy, I’m afraid it does not. Their site looks legit though, it might be worth looking into it.

Give him a chance :wink: @fredbaker I am sure that ad networks will not be angry. If you have anything, just post it.

@allaginstyou took his words back and so do I.
Hope this thread is of use to anyone.

Yeah, right. Not making the information public means hiding something. Its easier to cheat someone in PM than to do it publicly, as most likely someone will start asking inconvenient questions and pointing out the wholes in the plan, like for example Reddit users did with Anonabox project on Kickstarter.

Are you ok? You say: “I have gold”, community say: “Impossible”, and you: “this is your response? Now I will not show to you”. Seriously? No one will cry. If you want to make a sad day for us, send any link to working solution - link to apk.

@allaginstyou took his words back and so do I.
Hope this thread is of use to anyone.

Two things:

  1. This forum haven’t any rules
  2. Uninstall is not possible for monetization, not active users yes but uninstall? How if user haven’t any part of your code on his device? We are not stupid. It’s possible if you violating google play polices by installing some hidden apks on user devices, etc. but it’s “not a spam”, it’s just like viruses or something like that. There are borders, even for spammy apps. Rules are simple
    -do not install some code without user knowledge outside app
    -don’t touch sms
    -don’t touch launcher, browser
    -don’t touch user’s money
    -don’t touch user data

So, uninstall traffic monetization isn’t possible with fair methods and not with Google Play.

Another thing it can be possible but not tested is intent action uninstall for your package and display ad but its still would be not compliant with google policy.

some additional not allowed action is set for app “Device Admin”, so uninstall is impossible and users are angry but it’s straigh way to ban and users fury in comments.

I always act like this if it can help other people not to get scammed. I make the danger straight clear to everyone who reads my posts. If someone reads your post, he might be interested and PM you for details. But your post looks very vague and unclear. And dangerous. Some people with good intentions might not notice the danger, but I did and I warn them. If they read my post, they’ll be more careful while dealing with you - and its good, because your not open nor transparent. I don’t know if your post is a scam. All I know is that its your first post. You say you read this forum for long time but still you don’t know if linking to ad network website is against the rules. You’re very vague and don’t provide any trustworthy informations. Thats why I decided to make people as wary and alert as I could. And thats why I wrote that it is a scam instead of writing “it might be a scam”.
Feel free to prove me wrong. If you provide detailed and legit information, I’ll even edit the post. But if not, if its indeed a scam, the post stays and I hope everyone will read it before sending you PM.


You guys are almost correct and awfully brute towards the good Sumerian, yet I would like your opinion on this one.

I have my flag app with over 1M installs:

I was trying to monetize creating my own offerwall and taking offers from the networks, long story, that didn’t really hit the jackpot for me.

I had a huge problem of uninstalls (70%) since the walls didn’t really work so I got really interested in the uninstall event and how to capture it.

Over a year I was able to capture the uninstall event using and launch a browser at the moment of uninstallation without leaving any traces or processes running on the devices afterwards (no trojans or anything that gets you banned)
(I saw some very popular and known apps use this implementation to survey the users that uninstalled and that was my inspiration)

I wasn’t sure how to use it without pissing off someone and if it’s actually allowed so I integrated it in my app and never talked to anyone about it.

A month ago or so I came across a company called appjolt doing exactly that.
I registered and entered their dashboard and saw they developed a whole system around this technique with the purpose to offer your users an incentive to come back to your app or cross-promote to other apps.

They have an option for free cross-promotion campaign so it hit me right away I can use their system with a CPI offer I took for my offerwall from one of the networks, so at the moment of uninstall it will show the offer and I will get paid for it.

I couldn’t believe it but it worked, I see almost 1K uninstalls a day and generate around 70 conversions which generates $30-50 a day.

Not sure if I hit gold or not, just wanted to ask the members of this forum how can I improve this flow? or am I missing anything?


I just posted it, your apology would be a nice ground for me to share more of my techniques, nothing personal, appreciate you looking out for your people.

I’m not sure if its compliant with Google Policy but seems great oO, it can be system impact. I will test uninstall intent if it works like you said. If works, you could find a grall. I will not use some appjolt but madserve or custom solution if works.

There’s no intent for uninstallation or any event you can capture, couldn’t find any other network/service doing this.
(Uninstallations are my nightmare for over a year)

LOL - i know it’s your own network now but you gave use interesting idea. I know how to capture it now:

android - How it works: warning that app is going to be uninstalled? - Stack Overflow

It’s not a problem to make own solution :slight_smile:

So basically you show one last offerwall before the player uninstall the app?

LOL, I wish it was my network and the stackoverflow post you added doesn’t work I tried it already.
Go ahead, try it and let me know what you find.

The only way is use “time window” between opening uninstall intent and confirmation button. Rest of methods demands root. It’s possible to open activity but it will disappear after uninstallation complete. So the best way is use browser with some mobile website and offer. We can prepare some couple websites with offers and display in random.

1 last offer not wall.

I will try it only for decompile and check their code ;| I am independent as much I can be

Let me know what you find, I’m not sure how they’re doing it, that’s why I’m using their solution for now.