Unethical Competition app

Hey guys

The issue previously posted was resolved already, thanks for the support!

Post it on reddit: BadApps
Lots of bad apps get multiple reports via that subreddit. Worth a try.

Thanks! Trying it!

Do you mind sharing the name of the apps? thanks!

Solved already. Thanks @A1ka1inE

Awesome! Glad it worked!

Was there a ethical competition in Google Play ? Google play needs app check service before an app published right away. Market become horrible in last 6 months. I personally avoid to install almost %90 apps.

Edited. Sorry I didn’t see the original post.

Wow that’s pretty heartless of you @affiliatex.
-The offending developer was spamming 1 star ratings onto this guy’s game.
-The offending developer was rewarding users for giving 5 star ratings.

He wasn’t crying over competition.
Anyway the offending game got taken down quite quickly, so Google obviously agreed.

I didn’t read his entire post cause it was gone so I just figured he didn’t like someone had a similar app…my bad. I agree 1 staring other peoples app is a dirt ball thing to do.

Ok fair enough. Didn’t realise he’d removed the info.