Understand huge eCPM drop though same CTR

Hi all,

I’m completely new to Android advertising and just started to show banner ads on my app using AdMob.

I noticed a strange behavior in numbers which I don’t understand, maybe there is a simple explanation…?

Yesterday I got an eCPM of 0.73€ and a total of 1.24€ with about 1700 impressions and 18 clicks.
Today though the eCPM and earnings had a large drop to 0.1€ and only 0.15€ although impressions and clicks are almost the same, namely 1550 impressions and 20 clicks.

I thought that money comes out of clicks, but there seems to be another factor. Any idea how this comes?

I appreciate every help, thanks!


There are a few reasons why that could be the case. Depending on the network solution you are using, they could be targeting specific users for a high paying ad that just so happened to request an ad at the right time. Another reason could be a mistake in the data.

The best definite answer I can give is there is no finite value of one ad. The payouts are measured for every thousand of the same ad shown. Since you are barely exceeding a thousand requests per day, the numbers aren’t high enough to see consistent data. Revenue data is difficult to analyze at this stage but acquisition, attribution, and retention are numbers that can. Hope that helps.

At the first 18 clicks, someone proceded with the installation of the game/app that was advertised and you got maybe 1$ just from that (because you get paid not only for clicks but for also installation). At the second day, nobody installed anything so you get just the pay-per-click revenue.

Thanks for your answers, that helps me understand.
Also it seems like there is getting a bit more stability to the values now that the number of impressions is getting higher.

Wow, I haven’t tried AdMob yet, thank you for telling about your case. I heard a lot of good things about AdMob.
I am using Epom Apps now, completely satisfied with results.