Unconventional ways to make money

The number one theme that comes up with the General public when it comes to investing is that they have no idea how to make money other than from a paycheck.

Everything else is too complicated, requires capital that they don’t have (since they usually spent it all on cell phones, lattes, big-screen TVs, fancy cars, etc.), too much time, or special education.

I thought this might be a good place to discuss some stories or ideas about how people can make money without any of these requirements, maybe it will inspire someone else.

Things like the guy who went out to the backyard and “invented” a pet rock. Or the two Blonds and brownies (I may have mistaken the company, but it would have been similar) who got McDonald’s to start selling their products, maybe looney spoons or best of bridge authors. Maybe the guy you know who got into leather work and turned it into a real handmade leather goods company.

Sell on Amazon or EBay, buy a small passive internet business. Have a skill that’s in demand? Offer to teach to others. There are so many ways to make some extra money. Use your imagination and be creative. Isolate an issue that’s a problem for many people where you live. Then try to fix that issue by offering a service or product. Talk to people that are doing exactly what you’d like to be doing. Ask them many questions- offer to be an unpaid assistant/intern in exchange for their mentoring of you. Best of Luck!

Friend, don’t be angry that you didn’t manage to come up with a stone for dogs. He was just lucky and from this he started a business, that is, with luck, those people did not achieve with their work, let’s say how to carry stones or clean giant buildings. There are many ways to make money, people like him are still looking for easy ways to make money, that is, they come up with dog stones :). But I know a way of earning money that brings money and at the same time helps to get rid of the excess, so to speak. I’m talking about an application for selling things, on this sites you can sell unnecessary things, let’s say those that are already small for you and you cannot wear them, but at the same time they help you sell them enough other things that will bring you a good profit. There is no need to chase luck when it comes to you :slight_smile:

thank you for such amazing post

You need to create long-term investments in order to save money!

A quite conventional but often overlooked method is a long-term investment in stocks. It seems like everyone is now obsessed with trading stocks, but if you invest in stocks of a rock-solid company that has been around for decades, you’ll get perfect dividends, that may even allow early retirement. You can check the dividends calendar https://a2-finance.com/en/calendars/dividends for more information on it.

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