Unable To Publish Apps on Samsung Apps..Please Help


I am facing problem while submitting a new app on samsung apps…
Its related to categories basically … if i select galaxy specials and try to submit it gives

'The registered binaries do not meet the category conditions for GALAXY Specials. The GALAXY Specials category can be selected only if at least one binary supports GALAXY Specials. Please register a binary which supports GALAXY Specials or change the category to a category other than the GALAXY Specials category in ‘App Information>Category’.

if i change to main category then it gives error

‘The items below must be entered before the application can be submitted. After you enter each item, please click the [Save] button.’

Whats the solution .please help


If you have implemented one of the Samsung SDK, this line is missing in your AndroidManifest.xml

<uses-permission android:name="com.samsung.android.providers.context.permission.WRITE_USE_APP_FEATURE_SURVEY"/>

Thanks man…u saved my day…i was struggling with it over the last 3-4 hrs

Can anyone help me integrating samsung SDK on my source code of livewallpaper??? or are there any tutorials available on making livewallpaper using samsung SDK??? please need help… thanks.