U.S. Users - Opposs Congress's Internet Sales Tax legislation

Hello Everyone,

For those of us in the U.S., facing an every increasing government, which keeps smothering new jobs through its’ policies wants to impose more tax burdens on small businesses through the Market Place Fairness Act (S. 336/H.R.684).

Ebay has a letter that they send out on your behalf that I believe is well written to encourage congressman to make exemptions for businesses with 50 employees or less than $10 million annual out-of-state sales.

I believe this is a good idea and would ask you if you agree, please follow the following link and do the same:

Tell Congress to Oppose Internet Sales Tax Legislation | eBay Inc. Main Street

Here’s an article about it also:

eBay calls on users to fight sales tax bill as vote nears | SiliconBeat