Two 16 Year old students developed an android game. (WORD GYANI)

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 My name is Avinash kumar. Me and my friend had developed an android game and we are just 16:p. We love to develop android app and game. Please helps us to grow and please download and rate our app and give your feedback. Here is the link ;-

                                                                             ABOUT THE APP

How many words can you search??? How good are you at Searching Words???Are you trying to strengthen your communication skills for school or personal growth??
If Yes!! Then Good news for all word search fans!!!
“WORD GYANI" is the best word search game in the market. With “WORD GYANI" you will be rewarded with treasures of word.This word puzzle game will challenge your mind and capability to search words.It has 5 categories and very attractive design. The goal of this game is complete 10 levels of each categorythat are selected by the player.Play through levels of increasing difficulty which consist of difficult words and shorter time span which makes the game more challenging.

The Rules are simple the game screen is a 10x10 character alphabets and these characters are arranged randomly. The game has 5 Categories with 10 levels in each category.

You can search the word in horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forward and reverse directions, the user need to select a category and then solve all the 10 level of that category as the level of the game increases the difficulty level of the game will increase and the time to search the words will decrease.

The advantage of this word search is that the words are arranged randomly so you will never come across the same arrangement of words in the game.But you need to be quick and accurate to find the correct word in the given time. Word Gyani will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment. With Word Gyani your brain will be challenged at each level as at each level you will have different level of difficulty Currently Word Gyani has only 5 categories more categories are yet to come…

Are you Ready to challenge your memory??? Then let’s go for it!!!

There is Infinite number of words.
Helps to improve your vocabulary
Will help to increase your IQ level
Beautiful HD graphics
Fun for all ages
Play game with word categories.
Expands your knowledge and use of words.

Any feedback provided will be taken into consideration and used to improve the game further.So kindly rate this game and provide your valuable feedbacks.