Twitter bought MoPub today...

Twitter Buys MoPub For $350M To Up The Ante In Mobile Advertising | TechCrunch

Twitter bought MoPub for $350 million today…

Any Thoughts?

Personally… i don’t like it because now another fat company is going to use my data, I would rather have moPub independent

On the other hand, with a heavyweight like Twitter behind it, it might evolve into a real competitor to Admob. I think we’re going to see more consolidation in that space.

Wow, this is a big deal. More consolidation going on in the mobile ad network space.

Like @Skurry said, it’ll certainly help establish MoPub as a major player in the mobile ad market. On the other hand, one of the reasons I started to use MoPub was because of the company’s independence and “neutrality” - especially when it comes to mediation. Twitter hasn’t exactly been a developer’s best friend lately (with their own APIs). Hopefully they won’t do anything to damage MoPub’s usefulness for indie devs.

That is really what I am concerned about and that is also the reason I started using them. I hope it goes over smooth and they take care of developers first hand.
But regarding competition with AdMob, I don’t think they compete at all, MoPub is not an ad network, its just mediation.

Well, MoPub has all the ingredients to start a network: They have plenty of app publisher using them, they have a battle tested ad and mediation server, they have a real time bidding platform (MoPub Marketplace) and advertisers using it. All they would really need to do would be to open the Marketplace to allow campaigns that don’t target a specific app, and you have an ad network.
More than half of Twitter’s revenue comes from mobile ads, an estimated $300 million in 2013 for mobile alone. It would make sense to me if Twitter added an “also advertise in other mobile apps” flag to their ad API, and that those ads will then be served through MoPub.

Great news. I just started using mopub mediation and I’m Lovin it!

that might be a good thing as it can allow mopub users to advertise on twitter from one place …

So more money they could have sent our way will go to some Twitter account owners? No thanks. I’m worried about this. I hope they don’t change much.

Shiet, Hope my contract with mopub is not affected.

Great for them. MoPub will have more power against the Google’s Admob with Twitter.